An Open Letter to Him, Revisited

Delicious Man

Somewhere around my 30th birthday, I wrote a letter to the man of my dreams. I was fresh out of one horrendous relationship after another, and such situations often breed letters of this nature. As I reread it, I realized that I have changed. I am far less angry and I expect more out of people from the onset. I’m happy to report that most people I encounter are good humans. Here’s what I would … Continue

All My Green Advice In One Post

Oh, LUCKY YOU! I have found every post I’ve ever written about sustainability and eco-consciousness, and they are ALL below. Of course, in interest of having a shorter post, I’ve condensed and modified everything to fit this: Pay attention to the mark you’re leaving on the Earth. Be nice! Here are some suggestions: Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. Glass, not so much. Consider this when purchasing beverage and food containers. Save money and time by paying … Continue